From left to right: Karson Hague, Carley Guerne, Jacob Burtch, Noah Marcoux

Interview with Jacob Burtch and Carley Guerne
Conducted and written by Karson Hague and Noah Marcoux
Edited by Mr. Zane Harding

Today, we debut our first student-led series to be produced in our high school Journalism & Yearbook course: Student Spotlights! In this series, Journalism sophomores Karson and Noah will interview various members of our Portager student body.

We begin with sophomores Jacob Burtch and Carley Guerne, who recently completed their respective basketball seasons. For today's interview, answers from JB are from Jacob, and answers from CG are from Carley.

You played for our Onekama basketball team this season. What motivated you to play basketball? What keeps you motivated?

  • JB: “My teammates!”

  • CG: “Getting to play with my friends and make memories.”

What was your biggest fear while playing basketball this past winter? How did you overcome those fears?

  • JB: “Underperforming. I overcame those fears by committing.”

  • CG: “Not doing something right during a play or a press. I overcame my fears by working harder during practice.”

One last basketball question: what team gave you the biggest challenge this year?

  • JB: “Kingsley. Those were very competitive teams.”

  • CG: “Buckley was a challenge because of injured players and the absence of subs.”

What are your interests or hobbies outside of basketball?

  • JB: “Being outside, skiing, and swimming.”

  • CG: “Being outside, racing my car, and hanging out with friends.”

What has been your favorite subject to study in school?

  • JB: “I’d say Geometry. I understand it and I learn from it.”

  • CG: “My favorite subject would have to be English class.”

Finally – where do you see yourself in five-to-ten years?

  • JB: In five years? “In college [continuing] school, having fun.” 

  • CG: In ten years? “Moving into my own home and having a steady financial income, and possibly starting a family of my own.”

Thank you to Jacob and Carley for their willingness to be our first students interviewed, and a HUGE shout-out to Karson and Noah for kicking this series off! Check back soon for a staff spotlight article coming very soon...