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Student Writings - White Pine Village 2023

          On September 28,2023 my class and I went to White Pine Village. My favorite place to go to and look at was the Jorissen Barn because it has old day tools.The second best would be the sugar house because of all the maple syrup from the old days. The ice cream was nice to have.  Also being there was really cool. The stage was fun because my classmates and I did a play. When everyone was doing the play I jumped in and was a salesman/saleswoman. I liked looking at the museum of music because of all the cool music people that sing to this day. Going to white Pine Village was fun.


Willow B.

         On September 28 our class to White Pine Village. My favorite part was seeing the military museum. I liked all the war stuff. I hope I can go back soon! 



          Last week the class and I went to White Pine Village. My favorite building was the Marchido School because the teacher was vere nice and fun. Also my other favorite is the Military  Museum because there was a lot of cool things there like amro, gear and wepons. Also the Time Museum was reley awesome, especially with all the clocks and the tick and tock from certain clocks. The other one that I liked is the Music Museum because there was a lot of instruments it was so cool. Also the post office was awesome.There were a lot of mail slots. We all got so confused until all of us realized it. The mail slots were counting from the top to the bottom. There were so many mail solts that I can not remember how many there were even. I hope that some day I get to go again very soon.



          On September 28 the class of 2032 went to White Pine Village. When we went I was in a good group with my friends. My favorite historical place was the Military Museum and the Jorissen Barn. I also liked the school. After we ate lunch we got ice cream. We went to an old, tiny house. It was so cute. There were like 45 buildings. We went to a big train and took pictures on it. After that we went to lots of other buildings. Near the end we went to the gift shop and I got lots of stuff. After that we went to the stage and took a class picture. It was a great field trip and I hope I get to go again.

Willow G.

        On September 28 our class went to White Pine Village.  My favorite part was  the store. It had lots of neat things in it. It had a rock tumbler. I hope I can go back soon .  




          I went to White Pine Village. I saw amazing things. I have three favorite buildings.    

One of my favorite buildings is the Post Office. I saw behind the bars a picture of Abraham Lincoln. I saw a post office bag that cared for all of the mail back then.Then I saw a bunch of mail boxes that mail was in everyday, I think. My second favorite building is the school house. We were treated like it was back then. If we had a question we had to raise our hands and she would call us up and go to the aisle and say our question. I learned that back then there were 44 stars on the flag. My favorite of all time was the church. In the church I saw not one but two pianos and I saw the bible and some beautiful stained glass. I would like to go to White Pine Village again.   



          On September 28, 2023,  my class and I went on a field trip to White Pine Village. My favorite building was the yellow house. It was a big two story house. The staircase was narrow, but my group and I managed to fit. There was so much more to see! There was a lady making candles and there was a man playing a musical box. You could turn the lever and it would play a song! First you would have to put the music notes on a piece of paper ,then put them in the box. The lady who made candles would dip the wick into some boiling hot water then pull it out and hang it on a piece of string. I loved seeing all of the historical sights! There were some small museums like the Music Museum, the Time Museum, and the Sports Museum. I didn't get a chance to see the Sports Museum, but I wish I did since I’m a HUGE fan of basketball and sports!! There was also an Art Museum. In the Art Museum there was so much to do like draw on paper with ink and a quill, make dolls out of yarn, and a whole bunch of other things. Another one of my most favorite buildings was the School House. There was a teacher who told us what the kids did and how the school operated. My group and I also went to a doctors office and a post office. They were both very interesting and cool. White Pine Village was definitely one of the best field trips I have ever gone on!



On September 28, 2023, my class and l went to White Pine Village. I like six cool buildinges. The first one is a  house that looks like a house from 1915. The second one is the Marchido School  the year it was built is 1890 it was fun. There was a teacher when she was nine.

Then the third  one  is the town hall. It is kind of  scary. It has skeletons in a kayak. The fourth one is the time museum  which was pretty cool. I saw a rilley tall clock. It was fun. The fifth one is the museum of music. It was really nice and cool. The sixth is  the doctor's office. It was really weired. That is what we did. I hope I can go back. 



           On September 28, 2023,  I went to white Pine village. I had a bunch of fun and we got to go to a school that talked about what it was like in the olden days. We also went to the old post office. My favorite building was the military office because it had all the old military outfits and swords. Then we went into a scary house that had a bunch of skeletons and a creepy doll in a glass case.  Also, when I went to the ice cream shop the guy said to go into the bathroom and there was a zombie but I still had a lot of fun. This was one of the funnest field trips I ever had!



            Last week my class and I went to White Pine Village. There was so much to do! Some of my favorite buildings were the school house. It was fun learning about how school was like back then. One of my other favorite buildings was the Burns farmhouse. There was a person in the house acting like how it was in 1915. Some other buildings were the blacksmith shop, trappers cabin, Siddon print shop, white pine chapel and the jail house. In the end my group went to see the gift shop. There was so much cool stuff! I ended up getting a bob cat plush and a bat toy and then I also got a dinosaur on a candy for my little brother. Overall it was so much fun and it would be fun to go there again.



           On September 28, 2023 my classmates and I took a field trip to White Pine Village. We went to the gift shop first for some reason. I bought a yo yo and some blue raspberry rock candy on a stick. Next, we had lunch, only two people in my class got school lunch. Then, we got ice cream from the building next to the courthouse, and I got chocolate. My favorite building was the general store. These two little girls and their mom signed up to work there. They acted like it was a real store, and I got a ribbon from the two little girls. I had a blast and we all had a lot of fun!



           On September 28, 2023, my class went to White Pine Village. One building was the Jorissen Barn with all this cool stuff. There was a carpenter's place there. Another spot there was old vehicles. They were showing how to make barrels.They were showing shredding tools.  At the end of the day we went to a stage and had some big time fun! I hope I can go there again.



          On September 28 our class went to White Pine Village. My favorite part was when we went to the store. There was candy and necklaces there. I hope I can go back soon. 



          On September 28 our class went to White Pine Village. My favorite part was the Military Museum. I liked learning about the old ways. I hope I can visit again soon!       



           On September 28, 2023 my class and I went on a field trip to White Pine Village. My favorite building was the School House because it taught you a lot about schools back then. The school house was built in 1890. I also liked the chapel. The chapel had two pianos. My group and I went into the Military building too. It had some helmets and armor. It also had many pictures. One had a picture of people during Pearl Harbor. We also went into the Time Museum. It had many grand clocks and if you were very quiet you could hear the clocks go tick-tock tick-tock. We did that when we were at the Time Museum and it was so cool. My group and I saw a lady making candles. She had to dip the wick in hot water and then hang it and let it dry. At the art museum you could make dolls out of yarn.  I am so glad I got to go to White Pine Village and I really want to go again.    



           Last week our class went on a field trip to White Pine Village. My favorite building was the Military Museum I got to see the difference between a WW1 gas mask and a WW2 gas mask,

and there was a little model of a long battle boat that kind of looked like the Titanic. There were so many cool buildings that we went in while we were there like a jail and a chapel. I really liked White Pine Village and I hope that I can go back soon because going there was really fun. White Pine Village had all sorts of fun activities to do. White Pine Village is really interesting, especially the general store that was really interesting. There was also a school house that was called the Marchido School and it was built in 1890 and then it was closed down because people didn't need tiny schools any more and then it was reopened in the 1970s. It is so different from schools now. We got to answer questions but when we did we had to stand next to our desks and answer the questions. All the time we had to keep our hands on top of our desk and stay quiet it was fun learning about the discipline back then and back then it was the dunce cap there was a bell that only the teacher could ring because whenever the teacher let the kids ring it they would always ring it to hard and flip it upside down and then no one could ring it. There was also a music museum. White Pine Village is a really historical place. I hope I can go again soon.



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