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Nordic Rocks Program

March 1, 2023 was a beautiful day for third through fifth grade students at Onekama Consolidated Schools to learn how to cross-country ski. With the help of a wonderful mother-daughter duo, Barb and Gloria, they learned the basics about this wonderful winter sport.

Students began in a large circle and played “dead bug” so they could learn how to get up if they fell. Next, they were instructed on the importance of balance and having the correct form and stance when they ski. Barb and Gloria went on to help students learn and practice gliding, walking, running, and tip-toeing. Students finished with a game of sharks and minnows as well as Mr. Fox.

All the kids had so much fun and some of their comments included: “this is so fun and easy to learn!” (Willow, third grade) Logan, also in third grade commented that he liked learning so many ways to ski. Fourth grader Nora said, “I was surprised at how much fun I had. I really want to do this again!” Emma, a fifth grader mentioned that she enjoyed the speed free skiing the best.

We are so thankful for this skiing experience provided by the Nordic Rocks Program!

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